Mr India Worldwide about

Who are we?

Mr. India Worldwide is biggest mega manhunt with talent, caliber and dreams to sparkle, the pursuit is for this is nationwide. This is the best platform to acknowledge your fresh talent and turn it into sparkling victory. This is a big shot for all the budding stars. Haut Monde Mr. India Worldwide is a successful initiative by Shri Sai Entertainments Pvt Ltd since 2008.

Celebrating manhood in India, Mr. India Worldwide is back with its 3rd season with more thunder, adventure and opportunities.Mr. India Worldwide is the most prestigious male beauty pageant on global platform. Stage looks for the appropriate glamour quotient and oomph factor in every inspiring man. The dream of achieving this title will set you apart and different, dream with no restriction and a power to ponder.

Get ready to feel another level of positivity, creativity and enthusiasm. This year, Haut Monde looks for fanatic men and talented maniacs. Haut Monde helps in raising the bars of Indian masculinity and robustness. The mighty opportunity will help all men to achieve the confidence and tasteful fashion sense as well. This gigantic chance to be called Mr. India Worldwide will provide international photo-shoots, groomers and stylists with elite fashionable pattern.

The nationwide famous stage will have auditions in major cities of the country. This beautiful journey requires communication skills, strength and intelligence with cultured soul. It's a fiesta of fashion, limelight and poised career opportunity that will create a blazing trail for all the aspirants. The trendy gusto owns the journey of zest, passion and excitement. Register now and make yourself an individual from ordinary to somebody


They say when it’s your passion it’s not a struggle, hereby Haut Monde gives a chance for you to chase your passion. Mr. India Worldwide is the stepping-stone to own a successful fruitful career. We set examples all the coming generations to become the style icon in the fashion industry.


The finalist of previous seasons are now TV actors, movie stars and what not! This time, the 3rd season of Mr. India Worldwide comes with better opportunities in association with many international photo-shoots, ad agencies and other media houses. The main motive behind this initiation is to gather all the vibrant spirits and handsome gems on one stage to help them in growing their personalities.